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Tailoring the MSCRM Product Catalogue

Despite having considering starting a blog at different times over the last 4 or 5 years working with Microsoft CRM (particularly given how helpful I have found some of the blogs in the MSCRM space over the years) am still … Continue reading

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An oldie but still very useful to remember if you use VPCs whilst also wanting to have your laptop volume on: This prevents the VPC making the piecing BEEP sound whenever an exception or notification is hit. This is particularly … Continue reading

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MSCRM Advanced Developer Extensions – LINQ

The new MSCRM SDK (4.0.12) contains a range of changes to how MSCRM Development will be undertaken, including the addition of a Code Compiler that at early glance looks to take the place of the previous paradigm of adding a … Continue reading

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MSCRM SDK 4.0.12 Released

Microsoft have released a new version of the MSCRM SDK, notably with new extensions to support different development paradigms for LINQ and using automatic code generation to build Business Logic Classes for use in custom ASP.NET extensions to MSCRM. “This … Continue reading

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