Tailoring the MSCRM Product Catalogue

Despite having considering starting a blog at different times over the last 4 or 5 years working with Microsoft CRM (particularly given how helpful I have found some of the blogs in the MSCRM space over the years) am still new to how best to maintain one whilst having a very busy work-load.

My thought has been to maintain a traditional rolling feed of articles, thoughts and links that come to mind or are useful about whatever I’m working on at the time, whilst also putting together slightly longer articles going over how-to’s or details on rolling solutions that crisscross a number of different projects I’ve worked on and so hopefully give some common ground for CRM projects in general. This way I am hoping the blog should contain some useful information even if I end up not posting as frequently as a good blog demands due to day-to-day pressures.

As a starter for this, my first rolling article is on the topic of Tailoring the MSCRM Product Catalogue which often crops up to an extent in many of my projects.

Tailoring the MSCRM Product Catalogue – Introduction

Having been relatively good at keeping a Twitter feed going for the last year (which similarly started as a bit of an experiment), will see how I manage with keeping a blog in the same vein.

CRM Consultancy on Twitter

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