MSCRM and AX: Leveraging AX Business Logic from MSCRM

One of the running posting topics on this blog is integrating MSCRM and AX together to give a single solution across CRM and ERP (where using MSCRM as opposed to AX’s CRM Module), the following post has been added to this topic:

3. Leveraging AX Business Logic

This fits into the series of posts for integrating MSCRM and AX through the use of the recently released Scribe Adapter Template for MSCRM-AX integration, and how this initial template can be taken forward for more bespoke integration.


1. Integrating MSCRM and AX via Scribe Template

2. Adding a New Published Entity to Scribe AX-MSCRM Integration

3. Leveraging AX Business Logic

Hopefully this is a topic I will have chance to expand on over the coming months, and whilst the integration here is predominantly focused on the use of Scribe as a middle-ware tool between MSCRM and AX, Microsoft are intending to produce their own integration routines and procedures between MSCRM and AX in 2011.

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