CRM 2011

CRM 2011 is a big step forward for Dynamics CRM, I have heard some of my colleagues describe the release as a ‘game-changer’ and having taken a more detailed look into CRM 2011 it is hard to disagree. Whilst the step between CRM 3 to 4 was evolutionary and more ‘under-the-hood’ to support multi-tenancy in order to allow MSCRM to be offered as a cloud service, CRM 2011 looks to be the most significant release for anyone working with Dynamics CRM since version 3.

And with the release of CRM 2011 just round the corner now alongside the current public Beta – now seems like a good time to start taking a detailed look at the new functionality and changes offered, and how these may affect Project Management, Functional Consultancy and Development for future Dynamics CRM projects.

The number of new areas offered by CRM 2011 is vast and so will be publishing posts on different areas that I find particularly relevant given past experience of client requirements, alongside posts detailing links and further information across the Dynamics CRM community across the web.

CRM Consultancy 2011 Posts
Dashboards in CRM 2011
Form Scripting in CRM 2011
Plugins in CRM 2011
Shared Picklists in CRM 2011
Solutions in CRM 2011
Filtered Lookups in CRM 2011
Community CRM 2011 Links
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: SharePoint Integration for Document Management
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Result on demand | a CRM 2011 (aka CRM 5.0) blog
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: Getting Started with Custom Reports in the Cloud
Creating a MS CRM 2011 VM
Customer Effective Blog: Top 10 CRM 2011 Customisation Tutorials
Microsoft CRM 2011 Links
CRM 2011 Beta Home Page
CRM 2011 Beta On-Premise Download Links
CRM 2011 Beta SDK
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