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Microsoft Typescript

In the last few years Javascript has largely taken over the world, ever since we first laid eyes on Google Suggest and Outlook Web Access to see what could be possible using Javascript (and later AJAX) to make Web Applications … Continue reading

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Using jQuery in CRM 2011

With the introduction of Web Resources to CRM 2011, the model for client-side scripting changes completely – in the past we were restricted to embedding chunks of Javascript into the CRM Database to enable certain client side actions, and beyond invoking … Continue reading

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Using LINQ in CRM 2011 Plugins

One of the technical points that CRM 2011 has introduced is the ability to use LINQ queries to invoke the CRM Service as opposed to the traditional Execute methods or FetchXML. This allows the use of both simple LINQ queries … Continue reading

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Filtered Lookups in CRM 2011

Often when working with CRM Projects we can see requirements where we require a selection of other CRM records filtered to only records that are associated with an earlier user selection.  A common example would be selecting a key contact … Continue reading

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Form Scripting in CRM 2011

The ability to insert Javascript into Client-side Events was one of the most common ways of extending MSCRM’s functionality, allowing bespoke logic to be implemented with a small amount of development effort. This largely acted as mid-way development between Functional … Continue reading

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Integrating SQL Reports into SharePoint for CRM

SharePoint is a collaboration product that has been growing in use and market share for a number of years, as it works to tie multiple products into a single place as a integration and presentation tool for day-to-day use. SharePoint … Continue reading

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Filtered Lookup as a Drop-down Picklist in MSCRM

Post describing how to implement a Filtered Lookup in MSCRM 4 through use of a Dummy Picklist field populated with values derived from a XML HTTP call to the MSCRM Webservice. Continue reading

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