For the years that I have been working with CRM across numerous packages and systems, the ‘holy grail’ as been true CRM-ERP integration to connect Front-Office activities to Back-Office management. Seems like this should be a simple problem, however has occupied various Middleware Routines, CSV and XML files, Integration Bridges and other such for a number of years.

Well, I think we are getting there now, to the point where disconnected CRM, Marketing and ERP will soon be a thing of the past.

On that point, recently I have been engaging with several projects concerning direct integration between Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX (which despite the same product range, are quite different systems with different technical architecture) and thought this would be worth a post to detail my efforts.

Over the last four years of working with MSCRM I have regularly used Scribe Insight as a Data Migration or Integration tool on projects and so adopted this approach for integrating MSCRM and AX, particularly as Scribe have released a Demo VPC and Integration Template for real-time integration between MSCRM and AX.

Link to MSCRM and AX Template on the Scribe Insight website

The posts under this heading will explore my investigation of using this template, the customisations that can be made to support different Business Models, and the results we can gain in integrating MSCRM and AX together.

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